Heritage Classics offers 3 stages of restoration for classic vehicles. Anyone with a vehicle who would like it to be restored is invited to call us here for a free consultation & to discuss timeframe & budget.

If you don’t yet own a classic truck or car and would like help in finding the vehicle of your dreams, Heritage Classics would be happy to assist you in finding the right classic for you & your needs.

Stage 1 – Basic Restoration

A Stage 1 restoration turns your classic vehicle into a safe & reliable driver for everyday use. It is inspected & repairs are undertaken to ensure that your classic vehicle starts, stops & runs smoothly.

Stage 2 – Body on Chassis Restoration

For those not seeking the time & expense of a full Stage 3 restoration, a Stage 2 restoration may be right for you & your classic vehicle. At Stage 2 the engine & the mechanical systems of your classic vehicle are rebuilt or replaced.