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March 2013 saw the Dodge Power Wagon on the front page & as a feature vehicle in the 4X4 Action Adventure Magazine.


We are constantly looking for products from the past that have that WOW factor. We thought that we would like to share a little of what we have found over the years & also show you what we have taken from the past & have put our own little ‘spin’ on. It is true to say that the past is alive & kicking & relics from the 50’s, 60’s & the 70’s are truly back in fashion. People are beginning to gather these treasures to keep them from being lost forever – alot like we are doing, loving them, caring for them & giving them a new lease of life so that they can continue to be used for another 50 years or so. These collectable & interesting finds can most of the time make very sound investments, especially in a generation of throw away mentality.

1960’s ‘Curtiss Flyer’ Caravan

Restored over a 10 month period in 2011, this little beauty was found slowly decaying at a lakeside property about 5 kilometres from our home. Read more…

Curtiss Coasters

Scooter or kickbike, call it what you want, but I have redesigned this simple kids toy so that adults can enjoy the fun too! Recycled from classic bicycle parts, I have taken the humble bike, cut out the ‘complicated’ equipment & simplified the ride. Very original, easy to use, fantastic fun in & around town or just to head down to the dairy to buy milk & bread. My family & I have even taken our Coasters into the world reknowned mountain bike tracks in Whakarewarewa right here in Rotorua. Guaranteed to get get a cheery comment about how COOL they are, even hardcore cyclists have to take a second glance to see what it is.

Vintage Garden Tractors

These miniature workhorses revolutionised the way small holding farmers worked the land in the 50’s & 60’s in America. The original ‘ride on’ lawn mowers also included blades fro moving soil, belts that worked off the driveshaft to cut firewood & attachments to plow the paddock. These 3 garden tractors have all come from the USA & are very rare. 1965 Pennsylvania Panzer made completely from cast iron & has a Dodge diff in the rear end! The 1951 Lambert used for plowing & mowing, the manufacturer of this tractor was bought out by the famous Farmall brand. The 1965 John Deere 110 Round Fender was one of the first ever John Deere garden tractors. This one starts like a dream & still has the original mowing deck & front blade.

The Treehouse Office

Why would you build an office in a tree? Why not, I ask?? The trees were begging for something… After months & months of research on the internet & talking to various people we decided to bite the bullet & give it a try. The treehouse is something that exceeds my wildest dreams – something very whimsical, fairytale, rustic, natural  & different. Built in 2006 it still sits gently between two Giant Redwoods approximately 80 years old. Cradled amongst the branches it blends into the landscape, made from natural materials locally sourced in & around Rotorua.